Cadillac DeVille Convertible

Cadillac DeVille Convertible

Brand: Cadillac
Model: Cadillac DeVille
Year of manufacture: 1961
Color: White
Number of seats: 4
Salon: Combined

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Day of the week
Sunday - Thursday
Minimum order by the hour
Price rub/hour
6 000 ₽
6 000 ₽
6 000 ₽
Cadillac Deville convertible with driver for rent in Moscow
You can rent a Cadillac Deville convertible in Moscow on the website or by phone: 8 (495) 968-16-04, 8 (495) 968-16-06

Rental can be either hourly, or for a day or any other long term.

The minimum number of hours of the order is indicated in the table, where ""+1"" is the hour for the delivery of the car.

Rent is possible for a wedding, movie shooting, birthday, photo shoot, exhibition, excursions.

Our specialists will advise you on working days from 11.00 to 19.00. Calls are accepted daily until 21:00