Yacht rental


In modern society, there are regular occasions that require the organization of celebrations. At the same time, each client wants his holiday to become unforgettable. Going to a restaurant has become commonplace for people and does not cause great impressions. A modern person wants bright emotions, novelty, originality. Therefore, the alternative to spend a holiday on a boat is usually perceived "with a bang". Nowadays, in order to organize such a feast, you do not need to have huge wealth. There is no need to buy your own boat or yacht for this. After all, boat rental is now an affordable and inexpensive service that can decorate any holiday and give a lot of positive emotions. Boat rental is practiced quite often. In the company "Auto-Premium" you can hire a vessel for every taste. The main thing is to determine your wishes and preferences.


An hourly walk on the water made it possible for many to use this service. In recent years, many people have dreamed of spending their wedding celebration in this way. To realize a dream, you just need to rent a water transport. And as a result, you can get not only a place for fun, but also other advantages:

  • beautiful view,
  • unusual photos,
  • enchanting memories of the wedding.

Many people are afraid of spending a long time on the water. And this is not a problem. After all, you can organize a banquet not on water, but on land. And the walk itself can only be part of the entertainment program.

But the leader among the events on the water is the birthday celebration. Exciting emotions from the holiday will be remembered for a long time by both the birthday boy and his guests. And the elegant vessel will be remembered by everyone present. The cost of renting a yacht depends on the special wishes of the client. All the points must be spelled out in the contract, so that there are no unnecessary questions and misunderstandings during the payment process. This way you can protect yourself and calculate the trip budget. The payment for the walk is mainly hourly.


Boats are rented for various amateur and professional photo shoots. Everyone wants to add new beautiful photos to their album or social page. But such a task is not easy. After all, it will not work to get a non-standard picture just standing on the deck of a boat. In this situation, renting a yacht can help. The elegance of the vessel, its shapes, high speed – everything is successfully combined in one vehicle. And renting a yacht with a captain in the water space will be simply unforgettable and will facilitate the search for a skilled navigator.

The organization of business meetings can also be carried out on a yacht. A beautiful yacht will be able to emphasize the image of the company, show its viability, make it clear to customers that the company does not save on them. And also on yachts it is possible to conduct business negotiations in an informal setting. Non-standard environment gives the client a feeling of self-care from potential partners. For special clients, you can rent a helicopter in parallel, which will take an important client or partner to the event. A wedding car for rent is available in the Auto-Premium company.


When choosing such a transport, you need to observe the following points:

  • The number of people at the upcoming event. A rented vehicle for large celebrations should be spacious and roomy. If this is a walk for the family, then small boats will do. It is worth remembering that the number of people on water transport should not exceed the permissible norm.
  • Think over the route of the trip. Discuss it with the captain. Renting a yacht with a captain will allow you to work out the most interesting route, taking into account all the nuances.
  • Calculate the exact time of departure and arrival.
  • To agree on the cost of renting a yacht.
  • Book a water transport in advance.

Yacht and boat rentals are always positive emotions in a frenzied rhythm of life. Anyone can order a cheap boat. It is enough to have a desire and love water. And positive emotions will definitely arise in any participant of this journey. Modern yacht rental is a great opportunity to travel and get a positive attitude from life.