We provide security services

Many clients choose bodyguard services based on their personal needs or the specifics of their activities.

We can provide the following types of personal security services:

  1. Personal security guard. Close protection and constant escort of the protected person. You can also hire a bodyguard for an hour, day/day, etc.
  2. Accompanying security guard to the cars. Selects the optimal routes of movement. Ensures the safety of the customer in the car while driving.
  3. Child protection. Permanent or temporary protection of the child. Effective security measures are developed taking into account child psychology.
  4. VIP security. Bodyguards of representative appearance, can live on the client's territory, adjust to his schedule. The duties of VIP security often include protection from paparazzi.
  5. Escort of VIP-persons. Ensuring the protection of the client during the transaction, during negotiations, at public events, etc.
  6. Escort and protection of the motorcade.


Personal security guard
Escort and protection of the motorcade
VIP escort


VIP security
Child protection
Accompanying security guard to the cars.

The cost of personal protection is formed from many factors, including:

Protected person (businessman, child, family).

The number of bodyguards.

Employment of personal security (protection 24/7, at an event, 5 days a week, etc.).

Special skills (foreign language, driving a car / boat / motorcycle, etc.).

All details and nuances are discussed with the client individually.