Philip Plein Moscow Rolls-Royce

Philip Plein Moscow Rolls-Royce

Philip Plein Moscow Rolls-Royce

Exclusive clothing designer Philip Plein in Moscow!

In 2021, German designer Philipp Plein visited Moscow twice - in January and March, and used the services of our company - he was provided with a Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 car 

Philipp Plein posted a series of videos on the social network where he records his arrival in Russia. On one of them, he shows luggage carts and gets into a Rolls-Royce Phantom car parked at the airport, and on the other, he addresses Morgenstern. "I have just arrived in Moscow, it is very cold here. I got off the plane, went to Instagram and saw you in my store.


I really appreciate it, brother. We have to meet and create something together!" he says in the footage. The fashion designer urged the rapper to contact him to "blow up this city"!

Philippe Plein and his companion Lucia arrived from Moscow to open new boutiques, present a new collection of clothes and further promote their brand.

Certainly a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Thank you for choosing us!