Helicopter rental

Helicopter rental is becoming an increasingly popular service in the field of private aviation today.

Helicopter rental can be the optimal solution when it is necessary to provide VIP transportation on relatively short routes where it makes no sense to use an airplane.

The main advantages of using a helicopter for private transportation:

  • The speed of flights – you can get to the right point 3-4 times faster than by car. The optimal distance of a helicopter flight is 200-600 km (for such distances it is very long and inconvenient to drive a car and it makes no sense to fly
  • Minimum requirements for the landing site. A helicopter can land on the roof of a building, on a flat clearing, on a plot of a country house, on a mountain plateau. The diameter of the platform should be 25-50 meters, depending on the model of the helicopter.
  • Increased maneuverability. The rotorcraft is able to take you along the most difficult route. The helicopter's ability to hover in the air is ideal for tourist, sightseeing, research purposes.
  • Safety. Modern helicopters produced by leading brands are reliable machines, the flight on which is much safer compared to a car trip.

Despite these advantages, not every company, not to mention individuals, makes sense to buy their own helicopter. This is an expensive technique that requires high maintenance and maintenance costs. In addition, difficulties arise with the documentation and licensing of air transport. Therefore, if you need to use air transport relatively infrequently, then a much more convenient and profitable solution would be to rent a helicopter.

This service is offered to you by our company.

Why do they order helicopter rentals

Helicopter rental for a Wedding
Helicopter rental for business trip
Helicopter rental to make a marriage proposal

Day flight over the city
Photo shoot or video shoot
Night flight over the city

Maneuverability, comfort, speed of the rotorcraft transport provides it with the widest scope of application today. Helicopter rentals are most often ordered for business purposes. Including helicopter charter is a convenient way to ensure that the company's management visits branches and structural divisions located in remote settlements. A rental helicopter can provide a transfer of the delegation for negotiations with business partners. The helicopter is indispensable when it is necessary to inspect from the height of production, construction and other facilities.

In addition to business, the rental of a private helicopter is used in many other areas. In particular, it will be a convenient solution for the following purposes:

  • private flights and travel;
  • organization of air excursions and flights on tourist routes, pleasure flights;
  • hunting, fishing, camping trips;
  • using a helicopter to organize a wedding ceremony and other celebrations;
  • providing professional photo and video shooting from the air;
  • VIP transport services for festivals, concerts, and other large-scale events;
  • performing the functions of air ambulance – emergency medical evacuation of victims;
  • protection and patrolling of large territories;
  • urgent transportation of important goods and documents.

In addition, helicopter rental is very popular among fans of downhill skiing and snowboarding.

This type of transport is ideal for flying into the mountains, because it can land even on a small flat area.

Choosing a helicopter for rent

Our company can offer you a helicopter rental for any of the listed purposes. When choosing a transport model for a flight, we recommend taking into account the following factors:

  • helicopter passenger capacity;
  • comfort class, additional functionality;
  • maximum flight range;
  • maximum flight speed;
  • the presence and volume of the luggage compartment.
  • If necessary, our manager will provide all the necessary assistance in choosing a helicopter for your flight.
  • The rental price depends on the chosen model. Please also note that when calculating the cost of helicopter rental, not the distance is taken into account, but the actual time spent in flight. The flight time may additionally be affected by weather factors and the complexity of the landing site location.